Picture This: 10 Photos From My 103-Mile Week Biking

One of the pleasures of being a car-free bicyclist in a bustling city like Austin is that there is never a shortage of cool things to photograph. When you’re stuck in a car, you can’t just pull over and take pictures. But see something interesting while cycling, pull over safely, and bam! You’re rewarded with plenty of images as you like. This is one of those posts where the words can’t paint the whole picture.

Sometimes you have to stop and do a u-turn, because something catches your eye. A weekly dose of B.S. sign was one. I’ve never heard of the artist who designed the.owl but found his work to be very cool.

I attended this meeting for the first time, but felt like I’d been there because I knew several people. I learned that the people on the commission were appointed by a Councilmember and are very committed to making biking better and safer. I heard that most had been motivated to join because they were involved in a bike crash at some point.

The good thing is that they make recommendations for bike lane and sidewalk improvements to the City Council. The bad news is there’s never enough money to fund them all adequately. I did speak up at one point and also texted someone in my neighborhood about truly protected bike lanes. This is especially needed in a street I ride on a lot where Merry Daye recently was killed. It was an interesting experience, but I don’t need or plan to be there every time.

Barton Spring is a huge draw for visitors to the city and locals alike. Years ago there was a huge fight over not polluting the aquifer that feeds it, and it’s still a litmus test for environmentalism. The bottom is natural, and sometimes the plants and algae get to be too much, so they drain and clean it out. New Years Day there’s a polar bear plunge. I got a long-sleeved t-shirt from that but never participated. It’s legal to be topless there, and some women choose to be. People do impressive dives.

The springs are quite chilly, so not many people except the die-hards were swimming in it on this day. But in the summer, you can barely get in, it’s so crowded. I haven’t been much since it would be a hot bike ride home and I’d be sweaty and need to shower all over again. It’s a really cool place. If you’re thinking of moving here, remember that we have really bad traffic, very high rents, cedar fever, homeless problems, and other stuff you wouldn’t like one bit. Just knowing the Springs are an option is a very good thing.

We believe in Austin. Huh? That the city exists? That the people are generally good? Or maybe it’s about one dude named Austin? I’ve met them, and they live here — unironically, I must add — without changing their name. It’s weird. But hey, that’s our slogan, “Keep Austin Weird.” Anyway, I liked the sign. There are the bikes, of all kinds, and the people who ride them. All kinds. Commuters, recreational, utility, touring, hauling, racing, the car-less and the careless. In this it’s a emiir carrying bike eom Eurooe.

In any case, I hope you enjoyed these shots and whether you drive, bike, walk, bus, motor cycle, scooter, skateboard, or something else, may we all enjoy the roads equitably and safely.

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11 thoughts on “Picture This: 10 Photos From My 103-Mile Week Biking

    1. I’m 6 miles from downtown. Cool usually means expensive nowadays, and it’s hard to recognize many places. People don’t look at you and say hi anymore, that’s a lot to do with headphones but also with The Californians. I’d love to get out to the cape some day.


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