Some of the Bike Blogs I Follow – Part 2

After a couple of posts about creativity, I’m casting about for a topic more about my main theme of bicycling.  So, I thought I might talk about my free visit to a registered dietitian today.  But I can summarize that in four words:  less sugar, more vegetables.  OK, so that topic is deadly boring as cold toast.  And toast is something I gave up with all the processed grains last year, to no visible effect whatsoever in terms of weight loss, energy (actually it’s lower), or ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  Next!

Or there’s the cedar fever — pollen from the mountain juniper trees in the Hill Country beginning in west of Austin.  It gives some people horrible flu-like symptoms December through February, and now it’s caught up with and hit A Dude Abikes over the head big time.  All you can do is try to minimize time outdoors and rest — both of which anathema to this car-free, bus-disliking, cyclist-walker.  Plus take whatever antihistamines and whatever other sprays, pills, herbs, neti pot treatments you want and hope they work.  Mucous is also boring, and gross, so moving on.

And then I thought it was high time to highlight some recent bike blogs I’ve come across.  I always want to do more reading but then get caught up in other things, mostly my writing.  But there are some truly stunning cyclists and bloggers out there (besides me, that is!). For my first attempt at this, I merely provided some links.  You can see that post from August 2018 here:  Some of the Bike Blogs I Follow and Update on A Dude Abikes – The Book,  Check out the new crop of cool folks below.

Emily Thorpe Bikes

emily thorpe bikes
Source:  Emily Thorpe

She appeared from nowhere to follow me, rather mysteriously.  It seemed like she had taken a long-distance bike ride across country and then sort of retired.  An actually there was another Emily who did that.  But just now I’ve realized that not only did the 20-something teacher ride the Texas 4000 — named for the miles of a cancer fundraising ride from Austin, Texas to Alaska — but she still lives here!  Hopefully we’ll meet and can help each other out.  Her tagline is “Journey of Novice Cyclist.”  However, someone who’s been that far is no beginner.  Modesty is cool to a point but to that I say, “You go, girl!”

And looking at her blog, I don’t think she needs any advice.  It’s clean and appealing, to the point and straightforward in her writing.  There are just a few posts so far on her renewed site, but there’s important news.  She’s announced that she’s embarking on a career as a Category (Cat) 5 racer and joined a team.  That’s pretty exciting.  I wish her well and hope to be able to follow along on her journey.  That she signed up to at least sometimes hear about mine and the first bike blogger I’ve run across locally is pretty cool.

Check Emily out at:

Jo Wiggins

jo wiggins
Source:  Jo Wiggins

Somewhere in England, Jo’s writing is funny, interesting, and really very personal with her breast cancer survival story.  She’s pretty athletic, since along with her husband, has signed up for and is training to do triathalons.  A Dude don’t run, so runners always inspire me.  But Jo also bikes, and her series of posts about the difficulty of finding a compfortable bike seat was very insightful.  I also literally fell out of my chair the first time I read the phrase “Lady Garden.”  Witty is pretty in my book, all the moreso since she’s in her 60’s but feels 30.

While I’ve not had breast cancer, it’s been in my family, and we’ve both done charity rides for it. I also recently shared her encouragement that she gave me after saying I inspired her.  So now we’re mates, if not breast friends.  Blogosphere-wise, I mean.  Oh, and she also did a long distance bike ride, all the way from London to Paris.  That’s really awesome for anyone, but to be a cancer survivor (one who’s er, not taking PED’s) is amazing!  But it’s not just about Jo’s various body parts, it’s about her life.  And, and what’s up with that famous last name, at least in biking circles?  Coincidence or can we be introduce me to Sir Bradley Wiggins, who won a little bike race in 2012 called Le Tour de France.

You can read all about Jo at:


rootchopper 2
Source:  Rootchopper

This retired cyclist and writer lives in northern Virginia near Washington, DC.  His handle is mysterious, like mine, a nom de plum (or nom de velo, s’il vouz plait).  Subtitled, “A Few Spokes Shy of a Wheel,”  Rootchopper has been blogging since 2011 and biking since who knows when.  His posts are largely notes of his rides and bikes, which he has several, and also names.  A straightshooter, he’s just entertaining to read, as well as informational.

Again, he’s someone who’s done a cross-country trip.  (I’m sensing a theme.)  And, uh, I’m not sure how to tell you this, but he says he biked 20,000 miles in two years!  I believe him.  It’s going to take me four.  So yeah, he’s super legit and pretty fly for a retired guy.  While lately having a cold like a dude, except last year he had it far worse with a collapsed lung, he still manages to get on his home trainer.  This bicyclist is prolific because of that stubbornness.  He also claims to bike slowly, so we have that in common.  Just an awesome dude.

So, go read Rootchooper’s blog already at:

Dennis the Cyclist

dennis the cyclistAnother Brit, this 30-something dude’s website opens to a video of him biking with a voiceover and some fun music.  While I’m less familiar with his work, I think it’s fun.  He cleverly has four categories, although they seem to overlap, that’s ok.  They are:  Today’s Ride, Ramblings of a Cyclist, Monthly Recaps and Bike Garage.  His writing to me is quite natural, and not trying to be cute like I do sometimes.  He just calls it like he sees it, and his enthusiasm is infectious.

Another great thing about Dennis the Cyclist is that his photographs are pretty great.  The others above take good shots too, but I really appreciate his eye and the quality.  If there’s one wish for Dennis is that he’d post a bit more and align the dates, they’re a little confusing.  I hope to see more of his posts soon.  (He says he will when it’s not so snowy and cold!)

Read Dennis’ blog here:

Sorry if I’ve missed you off this list.  Two more come to mind.  One rode across France last year.  Nowadays her blog is about depression and anxiety but is actually very uplifting and happy:  The other is https://www.TexBiker.netRun by Rick Ankrum down the road in Houston, it’s Bicycling News, Events and Experiences.  There’s so much information on here that I could do a whole blog about his blog.  He’s very kindly re-blogged half a dozen of my posts, too.  A frequent rider himself, Rick definitely has a bike blog worth checking out.

Well, that’s all for now, but wow!  It took a good long time to write.  I hope you’ve enjoyed these shout outs, whether you cycle or not, because biking is just part of the story.  More on Friday, and I’ll give you a hint:  it’s my annual late January post about….

being a writer and biking

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