Mamma Jamma Ride Wrap-up and Huge Thanks to My Donors of $2,502!

On September 22nd, I biked 40 miles for a good cause. (40-Mile Charity Ride for Breast Cancer: No Need to SAG). Tonight, I cycled down to the Livestrong building. Yep, it’s the one named for the cancer foundation started by an Austin cyclist and former seven-time winner* of the Tour de France. That group still exists, a shadow of its former self, and does good work for all canver survivors. Relevant to A Dude, it’s where the Mamma Jamma Ride to Beat Breast Cancer rents office space. This year, it hosted the Bucks to Beneficiaries — the annual awarding of the monies raised for the bike ride held back on September 22nd. A few dozen riders, sponsors, board members and supporters were in attendance. Over $300,000 was given to the seven non-profits helping women and their families with breast cancer. A Dude Abikes was part of that, coming in 9th place as individual fundraiser at $2,502. So this blog post is to wrap it all up, and to especially thank everyone who donated.

A Chilly Evening Outside, Warm Fuzzies Inside

There was pizza and beer, which I eschewed, and dried fruit snacks and fizzy water, in which I indulged. Not shown here are extra items charity bike rides like these had out: free t-shirts, water bottles and the like. I scored a few for my top-dollar donors. Some other highlights:

Livestrong Foundation: The facility is a huge open area with shared kitchen space, meeting rooms, private offices and even indoor bicycling parking.

Another New Joisey: Thanks to my efforts, I was one of 65 people who raised over $1,000 to earn a donated “Big Wig” cycling jersey made by Primal. It’s a pretty cool pattern of spokes with purple, pink, black and white, and is a high quality design. Sweet!

The slide show: The presentation by board members and the director of the ride included stats and info about the year. There were alot more riders registered, teams, and money raised. Also, we were reminded of the huge storm that dumped water on the area and kept many riders away. It mostly avoided the ride route after the first hour.

While not alot of riders attended, the event had a number of women whom I’ve met on training rides, the actual ride or other events. Many, I didn’t recognize with their clothes on. And by that I mean street clothes instead of bicycling kits. (Just seeing if you’re paying attention!) Anyway, it was nice to see them and be greeted with hugs. I wasn’t in a huge picture-taking mood so didn’t impose on people.

Lauren of Cadence Sports on ride day posing in her pink tutu, because, why the hell not?

In attendance were also several staff of Cadence Sports who put on a number of charity rides and runs around the country including the very nice Lauren, who really runs the show and helped me out several times, and one of the founders, Gary. We chatted about the intriguing possibility of me helping them out with some events, though we’ll see.


Enough about all that, it’s time for the kudos to my donors! Over the course of three rides, I’ve ridden 162 miles and raised about $4,500. Pretty good. This was the best year thanks mostly to two people, Bill N. and Lee D., who gave the whole minimum amount required for riders to participate. These people all gave some of their hard-earned money or in-kind donations to the cause. They’re listed in descending order of amount donated. All donations are valuable and helpful, though!

Bill N.
Lee D.
Jeff M. & his employer matching
George H.
Sam & Rebecca B-L.
Aaron K.
Seth W.
Miller N.
Howard H.
Janis B.
Michele S.
Orion R.
Peter H.
Shaun B.
Thomas B.
Trenton B.
Cathy B.
Michael R.
Larry & Joanna V.
Megan B.
Amanda J.
Barbara S.
Bill G.
Craig L.
David W.
Esther M.
Ginger S.
Melissa K. & Ethan A.
Shannon M.
Jennifer S.
Peggy K.
Patrick S.
Prisca & Alan G.
Anonymous (several people)

I almost must thank these very kind in-kind and non-tax-deductible donors:

Bill G. Donation for some bike repairs; offer to help meet entry requirement
Gregg K. Ride to the ride and donation for my registration fee
Alex M. Austin Community College Student Massage Clinic
Laura M. Neighborhood Acupuncture Project
Saurabh D. Help getting bikes to the shop and other logistical support
Mike D. Mechanic at Sun & Ski Sports
Matias Mechanic at Sun & Ski Sports
Trent B. Nice guy at Sun & Ski Sports

Well, folks, that’s a wrap! Until next year, in which we’ll see if I do this, other or any charity rides. Because as much as I enjoy the good feeling of raising funds, it’s a real pain in the tuchus. Especially when people don’t respond and I can’t tell if that’s a no, they forgot, or are still thinking about it. And not using social media, still, it’s alot of work. Some people get offended just for asking for money — if when they know that the money is not for me. But that’s a small price to pay for helping women and their families with breast cancer. It’s a disease that is said to still effect one in eight women, and there is no cure.

To donate year round, go to:


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8 thoughts on “Mamma Jamma Ride Wrap-up and Huge Thanks to My Donors of $2,502!

  1. You forgot the asterisk for 7 time tour winner. If you continue to eschew post-ride pizza and beer, I’ll have to eat and drink even more. Good work on the fundraising, thanks for the wrap-up, and now you can wrap up in a new jersey. P.S. I got here via the link from my blog, so it works.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll eschew, you chew,.chow down and drink up! Yeah, you’re right. He still says it on his Twitter and has the jerseys. I was going to call Livestrong the house that the Legs o’ Lance (+ alot or EPO) built. Thanks for reading and commenting, HFCC!

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