Hey Blogger! Wanna Do a Guest Blog? It Has to Be About a Bicycle.

I’ve seen other bloggers do this and am intrigued. Here are the guidelines as I see them; if you have better ideas let me know.

1. It has to be about a bicycle. Can be fiction, but better would be if you went on a bike ride and took a few pictures.

2. Not more than 4 pictures.

3. Must be 400-600 words. 50-word poems won’t be considered.

4. Something someone’s mother can read.

5. No hateful or mean language or uncorrected English, please. Spanish will be accepted, however.

6. You’ll get all credit but it will be on my site. Not just a link, please.

7. No guarantee I’ll publish it. Unless I get a ton of submissions, and it’s good, I’ll try to get it in on a day I’m not blogging.

8. If you offer me a guest blog on your site, that will improve your chances.

9. Have fun, be creative, and remember: bicycle!

Keeping the SXSW spirit alive, I attended a concert that was at the end of the Austin Flute Society annual competition.

Seen on my walk today.  A Dude Agrees.
Who knew there was a secret society of flutists in Austin, self-proclaimed “Live Music Capital of the World”?
Nestor Torres, Grammy-nominated and Latin Grammy winning jazz flute master and his combo from the Park Jazz Bar laying down some mean licks and beats.
Austin Flute Choir with a huge contrabass flute I’ve never seen before.
Nestor, A Dude and his CD, Jazz Flute Traditions.
Nestor tearing it up on an opening Partita by J.S. Bach that he turned into a barn-burning of a jazz solo.













































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