Images and Thoughts from My Holiday Bike Rides

You won’t believe this, because I still don’t believe it myself. I wrote a blog for Saturday, but couldn’t publish it because I didn’t have wi-fi. Outrageous, right? Well, it’s true. Someone I was visiting could connect but didn’t know their password and didn’t want to sit on hold with their service provider. By the time I got back to Austin, it wasn’t that relevant or great a post. So I missed a Saturday, big whoop. But what I didn’t miss was riding my bicycle, so we’re going to go with that as a theme. It is after all, the most wonderful time of the year, and any time you can be on a bicycle is pretty awesome.

In my Strava fitness app, I like to have fun with the titles. Here are the ones from last week (with the mileage):

  • I’ve Got the (Cedah) Fevah! (Which Sucks A LOT) + 37th Street Holiday Lights (12.5)
  • Suburban Cycling Santa Search (10)
  • Xmas Eve Stores (12.5)
  • Afternoon Ride with Nephew in the Park (4)
  • Hanukamass Night Ride with Yooge Ass Standing Staring Santa (YASSS!) (10.1)
  • Trip the Lights Fantastic + Disappearing Sidewalks of North Dallas (22.2)
  • Harris County Evening Ride (1.5)
  • Harrowing Hair-Blown Harris County Cycling Cruise (30.1)
  • Emus, Goats and Horses, Oh My! Harris County Redux (20)

That’s 123.1 miles for the week, for anyone counting. It would have been another 150+ miler except I had to drive half a day in a borrowed car, so the 1.5-mile ride was basically a rest day. Not that I ever really get to rest because I’m doing yoga, taking walks and writing daily (not to mention eschewing processed grains). As well I’ve been fighting off the allergies making breathing difficult. Another of biking superpowers is that it’s good for ejecting mucous from the sinus cavities and upper lungs. (Granted, further exposure to allergens is part of it.)

Let’s get on with the photos, shall we? First is

The downtown square was nicely adorned. Who’s that dude in the reflection?

This place had a ton of lights and the guy’s been at it a while, apparently:

Scenes from a ride, with grey and rainy and windy conditions then a chance for people to blow off some steam, getting ready for the New Year:

Well, that’s what there is for now.

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