A Big Public THANK YOU to My Hill Country Ride for AIDS Supporters!

Thanks for Donating Almost $2,800 to Support Me and a Great Cause!

The HCRA recently had a reunion ride where the funds were presented to the 10 beneficiary agencies.  The Ride beat its fundraising goal of $550,00 by $22,000, which is great news!  This means more funds can pay for services for people living with HIV in Central Texas – a number that’s sadly growing.  Here’s a link to a short news story and video on local NBC affiliate KXAN.  It was filmed by Frank Martinez, whom I’m proud to report I arranged to be there.

Here’s also a photo of those of us sporting the LOVE SPOKE Jersey.

(from the left):  A Dude Abikes, Dale, Rick, Heather, Tim, Prentiss, Jorge rockin’ the Love Spoke Jersey on the HCRA Reunion Ride, S. Walnut Creek Trail, Austin, TX, July 24, 2016

A Big Public Thank You to All My Supporters!

A Dude Abikes (yes, I donated to try to win a bike and can thank myself!)
Amanda Jones
Andrew Dodson – Maintenance of Austin
Barry C Waller
Beth D
Bryce Hendrix
Camp Vamanos  – Megan Baker
Cindy Freeman
Donna Hoffman
E.J. Bob
Esther McKenna
Esther McKenna (donated twice!)
Gloria Pinales
Guillermo Garza
Hayley Bills
Jeff Matsushita
Jeff Watson
Jill J.
Jim C
Joan B.
Jude Filler
Karla Frazier
Kathy K.
Kathy Lansford
Larry and Joanna Vaughn
M.E. Johnson
Melanie Dix
Mr. Amos Ewing
Mr. George C. Hetrick
Ms. Marlene Rodriguez
In Memory of Olin D. Branstetter
P.E. McKenna
Pender M. McCarter
Phillip Jordan
Randy and Laura Hoy – Rala Concepts
Reed Jackson (In Memory of RCH)
Shannon Jones
Stephen Gross
Steven Fiore
Sylvia Lopez
Sylvia Lopez (donated twice!)
T and Zoe Namaya
TD Industries
William Gooch

In-Kind Donors Also Rock! (and Keep Me Rolling!)

Austin Reflexology – http://www.austinreflexology.com Thanks, Richard, for the great massage and foot treatment!
Natural Grocers – http://www.naturalgrocers.com/store-locations/austin-guadalupe Thanks, Christina for the gift card!
Neighborhood Acupuncture Project – http://www.napaustin.com Thanks, Tony, for the donated session from Cindy!
Open Circle Healing – http://www.brookebinstock.com Thanks, Brooke, for the awesome donated massage!
Peddler Bike – http://www.peddlerbike.com Thanks, AJ, for the free bike tune-up by Mino! (2nd year!)
Sprouts (Great Hills) – https://www.sprouts.com/stores/details/-/store-details/view/store/112 Thanks, Steve, for the gift card!
Sun & Ski Sports – http://www.sunandski.com/austin Many thanks to Jimmy for the jerseys, to Mike and Chris for great advice and help with my ride in the Bike Shop, support from Brandon and all the guys, and the $100 donation from Tiffany and Barry in the main office!

Every donation, from $17 to $202, was personally meaningful to me and I’m very grateful for each and every one of my donors and each and every dollar.  Knowing we had doubled my fundraising from last year helped me doubled my mileage from 50 to 104, a personal best.  Plus, it goes to a great cause.

Thanks to Just Some of the Folks in the Bicycling Community Who Helped Me Out:

Saurabh D for being a great riding partner – you’ll be back to beating me soon!
Bryce H and Death Valley Beth – for some wise email coaching
Paulo H – for being a bad-ass 15-year cyclist who’s going to turn pro someday
Gregg K – for taking me to the Ride
Randy L – for helping me go fast and furious on the Dripping Springs Joy Ride
Marty H – for rescuing my jersey early on Ride morning
Strava followers – for all the kudos and supportive comments
All the HCRA volunteers – particularly the goddesses on Mount Olympus (call me!)
Dale A – for being the drill sargeant, nature break Nazi and sweeper on Joy Rides
Tim Y (aka Frank) – Chairman of the HCRA Board
and last but not least…
Prentiss Douthit and Nancie Guthrie, the tireless staff of the HCRA!

What’s Next for A Dude Abikes?  Prostate Ride 8/27!

PROSTATE CANCER IS THE SECOND LEADING CAUSE OF (CANCER) DEATH IN MEN! (Lung cancer kills more according to the Centers for Disease Control.)  Learn more at this link.  My next charity ride, that I’ve previously mentioned, is the 1400 Miles Austin Community Ride for prostate cancer awareness and testing.  It is coming up soon, in just two weeks on 8/27!  Stay tuned for another post on that.

Meanwhile, here’s the donation link if you’d like to support my attempt at a 60-mile, hilly and very hot ride (it’s Texas in August, ya’ll!).  I hope you’ll pitch in whatever you can for this little known but important cause:


Respectfully submitted,

A Dude Abikes

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