3/3/2023: Spring Is Coming — Good Bicycling Weather

After last month’s crippling ice storm, and some 90 degree days, winter has reasserted itself in Central Texas. After a cold front with some rain, it’s cooled off a fair bit, is sunny, with little wind. In other words, it’s just about perfect for biking and all manner of outdoor activities. Things are already starting to bloom, spring break is coming and with it the South by Southwest juggernaut, March madness basketball if you’re into that sort of thing, and just lots of stuff going on outside before it gets too hot and humid and then just hot. For A Dude, that means ditching the home trainer and getting out there more on Sommar the Fuji Finest bike.

And I really do need to (or feel like I should) get out there more, because I’ve packed on some pounds this winter, and slacked off on the mileage. Thus far this year, Strava says I’m under 800 miles. That’s below my goal of 100 miles per week that I’ve maintained since I started tracking distance on the app then Garmin watches. But I’m okay with that because it’s been winter of my discontent. I recently ruminated and wrote about the idea of home, and after much effort and a little help from my friends, I got moved. The apartment has already been fenced off for its eventual demolition and replacement with a huge, ugly, overpriced monstrosity.

Then again, there’s the awareness that cardiovascular exercise like biking and walking don’t really lead to weight loss. At least they haven’t in my case. “Abs are made in the kitchen,” the saying goes, along with “You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet.” Not to mention that getting enough sleep–which I don’t for a variety of reasons–is key in being healthy. And one I came up with: “My feeling about the battle of the bulge is the same as with all battles–I’m a pacifist.” In other words, I’m still a fathlete and the number on the scale is headed in the wrong direction. Not that my diet has really changed. So who knows? Stress, age, sleep, genes. I do my daily walk, yoga, and bike ride, but know that weights and swimming would probably help. As would dieting. Ugh.

Meanwhile, I’m taking steps on the path toward having a steadier income. If that works out, that will take some pressure off. Of course, work is stressful enough. But where I am, in a house with a garage and a dog and a roommate and solar panels is temporary. To have a place of my own again, I’ll need to rake in the beaucoup bucks. That could take time away from my daily practices. I may not have a choice about letting some of them go, and that will have to be okay. We shall see if I can improve my time management skills. I’ve never been self-employed before, and people always say it’s more work than a regular job.

Recently I read a book about not having much money and using that pressure as a way to succeed. It’s by Daymond John, one of the people on the TV show Shark Tank, and is called The Power of Broke. My brother recommended it, or rather its sequel, Rise and Grind, which I’ll read next. He started making hats and his brand, FUBU (For Us, By Us) earned $6,000,000,000 (billion). I can’t relate to that but definitely high Austin rents require more zeroes in one’s income to be able to afford to stay here.

But until such time as I have no time, I aim to keep at it on the bike and to see where that takes me. Maybe that’s all any of us can do, is point the bow of our ships in a direction, and use what skills we have with the sails to guide us. But as Mother Nature continually reminds us, we’re not in charge of the ship, or the tides, or the wind. But may you have fair seas and following winds, whether you’re riding your bike, running, walking, paddling, or whatnot. Hopefully your weather is pleasant like it is here.

Your thoughts about my posts and what you’re up to are always welcome in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “3/3/2023: Spring Is Coming — Good Bicycling Weather

  1. I hate talking about weight. I’ve battled it all my life and it hasn’t done a ounce of good (I’ll take the pun!) But I love that you ride religiously – inside or out- and applaud you for doing so. It has to mean something good. I wish I could do any form of physical activity religiously …… sigh. But you always inspire me – even if it’s short lived. Just keep the faith and keep on keeping on. It’s all any of us can do.

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    1. Thanks. Well, they say you can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet. Though mine is not bad, it’s not great. And cardio isn’t good to build muscle like resistance. Plus, daily exercise is mentally and physically tiring. It’s also not enough to slow walk and do gentle yoga and mostly flat cycling.

      Add in genes, environment, stress, sleep, plastics, budget for healthier food (like organic) given inflation, and it’s an uphill battle. Sisyphean, even. The diet industry is worth billions, but diets don’t work fir most people long term.

      So, like you said, we do our best.

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  2. I can sympathize with you regarding weight loss , as I, too, have put on some weight over the winter. Unlike Texas, winter in Canada is the real deal.
    Vancouver is supposed to be Canada’s California but we’ve had about four snowstorms this winter, the last one being this week. I have slipped on the ice, so no outdoor training for me. I know cyclists who have had nasty falls due to hitting a patch of black ice while cycling.

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