2 Blog or Not 2 Blog?

Recently I passed 600 days in a row of bicycling. I also just reached 600 blog posts. I’m 19 shy of having 600 followers. That and the Writers League of Texas Summer Writing Retreat, which has modules both on memoir (which is what my manuscript is) and revision, which it really needs. It makes me wonder if the universe is sending me a sign that it’s time to take a break and do something different. This concurrence of coincidence, symphony of synchronicity, or dance of happenstance may not mean anything. It’s just numbers, after all. But it reminds me of a poem quoted in the TV show The Mentalist, which I really enjoyed:

Tyger! Tyger! burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

“The Tyger”, by William Blake

That’s just the first verse, but it’s thought to be about good versus evil. That’s not exactly relevant to the topic of whether or not I should continue my blog, and not that I believe in heaven or hell anyway. But it does make me think about choosing one thing over another, cause and effect, and “two paths diverging in a yellow wood,” to quote another poem. Writing about biking and my fitness journey as a fathlete, such as it is, is interesting, challenging, fun, and good writing practice. I appreciate what actual readers I do have.

But I know I’m no Hemingway. I’m just a dude who bikes and does other stuff and writes about it. I don’t promote this on social media, and I don’t pretend I’m writing anything revolutionary or that exciting, although I do think it’s at times useful, educational, entertaining, amusing, or a good way to kill five minutes while you’re on the toilet with nothing else to read. An influencer I most certainly am not, although a few people have commented that I’ve helped inspire them a bit.

Since I don’t have tons of followers, I don’t run ads, and that’s because I wouldn’t make any money off of them. I don’t have corporate sponsors beating down my door begging me for a mention of their product in my blog for which they pay handsomely,. either. Someday sooner than later I’ll need to make money, this labor of love aka hobby may have to get smaller or even go away. It may not seem like it, but sometimes a post can take a couple of hours. At three a week usually, that time adds up. Not to mention the time spent going on rides like the Juneteenth Black History Ride so I have something to write about.

I’m not complaining; I chose to do this starting January 1, 2016 — five and a half years ago. But with 600 posts, 600 miles and almost 600 followers, maybe it is time I take a step back. Maybe a month off whilst I do the writing retreat, if I decide I can afford to pay for it (can I afford not to do it?). Or maybe I should blog twice or even a week instead of three and see what happens. Some posts are evergreen and will stand the test of time. There is a bit of a legacy to this. Some bloggers have been at it for a decade or more. It’s nice to have a body of work. Should my book ever get published or self-published, at least I have this little online presence.

To get the book done though requires allot more work and getting other eyeballs and comments on it. Whether hordes of people read this blog or not, I’d like to think I’ve contributed some good stuff, and the book is more of the sane. I’ve always been interested more in readers than followers. And no one told me I’d be expected to read, like, comment and follow other bloggers. I’m not great about that because it takes time and one only has so much of it. I spend a good four hours a day biking, walking, doing yoga, reading, writing, practicing music. That may not seem like a lot, but to keep at it day in, day out, well it’s pretty darn exhausting. The fact is that I’m not getting younger and despite all my efforts, my health isn’t where I want or need it to be at all. Actually it’s pretty piss poor these days.

So for now I’ll keep going, but if you see a drop off in posts, you’ll know why. To end with another poetic quote: “Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

15 thoughts on “2 Blog or Not 2 Blog?

  1. Certainly understandable. I grinded 2-3 posts/week for four years and, much like Forrest Gump when he decided to stop running across the continent, I realized I didn’t have anything left to say. I gave it a rest for four years and have started up again at a much slower pace. Best of luck – I’ve always enjoyed your posts!

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    1. Thanks, Steve. I appreciate you saying that. And apologize or not being a great follower. Good to pace oneself on the bike, on a blog, and in life. Easier said than done. We’ll see how it goes. My issues isn’t so much coming up with things to say, it’s more like is anyone really reading it, and is there a way to get paid. Best wishes to you.


  2. Oh and thought of you today with a bike photo I took! And I did tell you I would share a pic of my new bike – well I did not forget and I was going to make a bike post in July or august – and was going to link ya –

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      1. I just prepped some images for July (I do not normally prep so far in advance but did it this week because I am doing a square challenge) – anyhow, that means my bike post will be later in summer – I will be sure to come back and let you know when it goes up
        have a good day

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      2. Well it is a photo challenge where you make sure the photo is a square and then there is a monthly theme
        And see if I can do the post sooner but if not just know it is in my queue
        Have a good day

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  3. Hi – I am one of your recent followers (having found you on sorry less blog)
    And I truly hope you do not stop blogging
    Even if you do a once a week Sunday post it even a monthly one.
    Reading your post here today reminded that we bloggers sure do go through seasons and all of us should assess on a Renault basis
    For me – I have limited myself to three posts a week after almost three months away! That long break came unplanned and that is usually how I have been doing my breaks – my first few years of blogging I took summers off and it was too forced.
    Now – I let the break happen when life demands it or when I feel led.

    Anyhow / I think bloggers vary so much and it sounds like you have been steady Eddie with your flow – and I can see why you are reflecting right now – the 600 posts, followers and miles – very cool!
    I ha e so many thoughts on this but it could be too long winded so just let me say that if the pull to go is there – start with a 90 day break and assess then!
    Or take six months off – sometimes peoooe have burnout creep in and then pull a plug when a switch could have been flipped

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    1. Well said and thanks. Something to think about. I know we’ve chatted and a friend of sorryless is a friend of mine.

      Welcome back to your blog from your break. You have life gets in the way so we’ll see how it goes with the book especially if I take a 3-hour class every week this month plus there’s homework.

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      1. well have time this month if you want me to peek at it. I have a lot of editing experience – and even though memoir is NOT totally my area, I might be able to offer a few tidbits – so just feel free to email me if you want me to peek at it

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