A New Abode in Which to Abide for A Dude Abikes

A year ago today, on Cinco de Mayo, I wrote a post about having to move. I called it Moving A Dude’s Abode and Body: A Buddhist View. In it, I reflected on stuff, attachment, cravings, and even death. You might be expecting another installment, all kinds of new pearls of wisdom after a year of THE VIRUS!, but for the life of me, I can’t think of any at the moment. So I’m going to write about the things I will miss in this place. I know the title is about the new residence, and I can hear you saying, “That’s not what was advertised in the title.” To that I’d say, “Well, that’s just like, you know, your opinion, man!” But I’ll get to that, just cool your jets, pump your brakes, and slow your roll, OK? Good.

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Homelessness Has Him House Hunting; Hounds of Hell at Heels

In last Cinco de Mayo’s post Moving A Dude’s Abode and Body: A Buddhist View, I ruminated on what it means to have to go live somewhere else. Two abodes later, and I’m having to do it again, as I alluded in my previous post about Mark Cavendish. Who, by the way, put a cherry on the cake and made it four wins in eight stages at the Tour of Turkey. The alternative is homelessness, or more accurately, houselessness, both of which, like the hounds of hell, bite big time. What’s a dude to do? Well, keep on searching, for one thing. And write a blog about it for a little anger management and stress relief, for another.

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Temas del Hoy: Movimiento, Cambio, y Casa o Hogar?

Mi Segunda Eferto Hacer Un Blog En Español

Esto es mi segundo post en español.  Les pido que me disculpen los errores al principio. No sé por qué, pero hoy fue un día larga y difícil. Por eso, estoy cansado y aunque quisiera escribir una entrada breve.  También, me da cuenta de que la palabra más popular en mis estadísticas es bici. Por supuesto, quiero atraer visitantes a mi blog quienes son de países de Latinoamérica y España, debido al mi historia en visitar Guatemala en dos ocasiones, México para pasar hasta Guate, y España.  Algún día tal vez puedo visitar a otro país como Colombia, Ecuador o todo los demás.  Mas que todo, necesito desarrollar mis habilidades hablar y escribir.  Esto está hecho por mano, no por traductor, pero intento añadir acentos usando Word. Continue reading