Thoughts and Images from my Second Day in the Hill Country

Today began early with several alarms rousting me from too short a slumber.  I got myself going and drove through rush hour and a thick fog to my appointment.  Afterward, I collected some things including a rear-view helmet mirror and some extra inner tubes from Sun & Ski Sports.  I dutifully walked the dog, we napped, and then we went to a park by the lake and walked around there.  I did some other stuff but now am writing this.  What follows are some photos and words about another day in the life of A Dude Abikes. Continue reading

A Cabin, a Canine and a Car: A Week in the Woods to Write

A Dude learned an important lesson about posting to WordPress today:  don’t go back and forth between your cell phone and your computer.  While trying to upload photos, my whole post was deleted.  It was going to win me a blogging award, no doubt.  JK.  But now I have to try to re-create it from memory late at night.  Which isn’t going to happen for the most part.  Oy, how I suffer for my art!  Such is life.  Let’s move on. Continue reading