Thoughts and Images from my Second Day in the Hill Country

Today began early with several alarms rousting me from too short a slumber.  I got myself going and drove through rush hour and a thick fog to my appointment.  Afterward, I collected some things including a rear-view helmet mirror and some extra inner tubes from Sun & Ski Sports.  I dutifully walked the dog, we napped, and then we went to a park by the lake and walked around there.  I did some other stuff but now am writing this.  What follows are some photos and words about another day in the life of A Dude Abikes.

The fog was burning off and I had stopped for pictures when, with perfect timing, three cyclists came laboring up the hill.  I rooted them on and snapped some photos.  You can tell it is not easy when someone is going slowly enough you could run out and beside them for a moment, like fans do in the Tour de France.  Two gave me grimaces and grunts, and one just stony silence.  Back in the day when Lance rode with the US Postal team, they came out to these hills, which are still called the “Three Bitches.”  I have yet to try it, but we will see.  I haven’t even got on the trainer this week and it’s almost Thursday.

Buddy and I went for two walks today.  Yesterday we met the owner of the house on the hill, and today I snapped a pic.  Very impressive.  On the first walk we went up the main road.  Motorcycles and cars zoomed by up and down the hills, and around the blind corners on the hairpin turns.  It’s probably a good thing I’m too exhausted to ride, because I’m having second and third thoughts about safety.  Even though I saw the bikers above, because I’d start going downhill toward the lake, which is a much flatter route.  Anyway, the second walk was at a park by the lake.  More impressive views, but not great walking along the very rocky shore.

Before the walk, I had a nice chat with the neighbor, who has two dogs she was out walking.  You know what they say about country folk.  They’re either friendly or ornery.  Well, that’s the stereotype.  She’s been a dog trainer and actually has a blog about pets.  Her advice about coyotes was keep the dog on a tight lease at all times.  But Buddy’s owner thinks its ok for him to be off-leash during the day, and she admitted that only a few times has she ever seen one, and after staring a while, it was skittish and skittered away.  So I’m not too worried during the day.

I could get used to this, but I shouldn’t.  Sooner than later I will be back home, albeit in my own sort of cabin, though I won’t have a dog, and the car will go back to its rightful owners as well.  So this is training for having a dedicated space to live in.  And a test to see if I have the guts to get out on that road with those hills.  But more importantly, the energy.  Sometimes you have it, sometimes you don’t.  On those days, you make the best of it and hope tomorrow is a better day.

What do you do when your day (or week or more!) doesn’t go as planned?


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5 thoughts on “Thoughts and Images from my Second Day in the Hill Country

  1. I never plan my day, so often times it still doesn’t go according to plan, so I come home, shut myself off, either try to solve the problem, or dive into a novel and forget everything


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