Read All About It! A Dude Abikes Featured in the Austin American-Statesman for Biking 10,000 Miles in Two Years!

I Am Ready for My Close-Up

Awesome news! After two years and 10,000 miles of bicycle-riding documented on Strava (and before that, many thousands more), your friendly neighborhood A Dude Abikes has been featured in a story mentioned on the front page and then appearing on D1 of the Lifestyles section. It is titled “Can a Regular Guy Pedal 10,000 Miles in Two Years? This Dude Did.” Read the full story in the Austin American-Statesman.


The article is alot longer than I expected, with photos too. Cool!

My thanks go to long-time staff writer and nice person Pam LeBlanc, who is certainly no slouch on the bike, pool, slopes, mountain, trail, etc. Also thanks to her editor, plus photographer (and fellow cyclist) Stephen Spillman. Check out Pam’s blog, Fit City.

Page 2 (Actually, D6)

Here are a few excerpts, copyright Cox Media Group and all credit to Pam LeBlanc.

“… (he) didn’t exactly intend to go car-free. But 13 years ago, after he wrecked his car (not his fault), and couldn’t afford to buy a new one, necessity forced him to trade that steering wheel, big cushy seat and engine for handlebars, a much smaller seat and his muscles.

“…a self-described regular guy who used to work in the non-profit sector but was laid off three months ago, has settled into his non-car life…. He rides everywhere. He even does charity bike rides for fun. Last month, Bike Austin named him winner of their Ambassador of Advocacy award for his (sic) volunteer(ing) at the nonprofit organization. And as 2017 drew to a close, he checked the stats: In one year, he’d pedaled 4,714 miles. Add that to the 5,306 miles he rode in 2016 and he’d cycled 10,000 miles in the past two years. Whoa.”

“Almost anybody can do it,” he says. “It’s a lifestyle, and the community is one of the best parts about it.”

“Traffic can be challenging,” he says. “But most cars don’t want to hit bicycles, and most bikes don’t want to hit cars. With some knowledge and training, though, people can ride in Austin.”

And Now You Should Read… The Rest of the Story

As mentioned, the rest of the story is in the Austin American-Statesman. The article has already received alot of positive comments and is bringing increased attention here to For that, I am grateful, not because it makes me feel good (which of course it does), but because it may bring more people to hear my message, which is:

  1. You don’t have to be a rail-thin super-athlete to ride a bike. Start where you are.
  2. You don’t need a fancy bike either. As long as it works safely and fits you, ride!
  3. Bicycling is healthy for you and for the planet. The more you do it, the better.
  4. It’s not an all or nothing activity. Do it in the ways that work best for you.
  5. Biking can help you in more than just fitness: focus, discipline, stress-reduction, socially, etc.
  6. There is a community of support available: shops, clubs, Bike Austin, charity rides. Join in!
  7. Biking can and to some extent, should be hard, or at least challenging. But if you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong.

Hire A Dude™!

If you are in Central Texas and in need of help getting on, or back on, your bike, Hire A Dude™! I can coach you to do so safely, help you navigate bikes and shops, and show you where and how to ride.

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36 thoughts on “Read All About It! A Dude Abikes Featured in the Austin American-Statesman for Biking 10,000 Miles in Two Years!

  1. Thanks, Robin. I was surprised how long it was and about the photo shoot, too. But I earned it with riding all those 10,000 miles! Some people do that much or more in a year but they are freaks of nature or aliens or something. LOL


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    Avec du soleil au cœur


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